Aegis Community is an arm of Aegis Health Group that works through education and outreach to provide support to those with addictions of any kind and to improve public perception in order for addictions to be seen and treated from a compassionate, trauma-informed lens.

Holding Hands


Aegis Community's mission is to eradicate the barriers and stigma associated with addiction so that those living with the disease can easily access the care that is best for them to achieve recovery.

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Aegis Community is proud to present ‘Hear Me Out’, a web show series featuring Stephanie Bertrand, a former patient with lived-experience of Substance Use Disorder. In this series, we will feature various guests and discuss a multitude of topics relating to addictions of all kinds. The hope is to eradicate stigma and advocate for those in recovery.

An introduction to Stephanie Bertrand, former Aegis Health Group patient and advocate for persons struggling with Substance Use Disorder. Tune in as she explains the reason behind doing 'Hear Me Out', as well as giving a peak into her own history and journey to recovery.


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Magan Laporte

Executive Director 

Aegis Community


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