Our Mission


Whether it is an opiate addiction, alcohol addiction, or behavioural addiction, we are here to help. We empower our patients and work together to guide them to their own individualized and trauma-informed treatment plan.

Our ultimate hope is to create a village of support for our community to give them their best chance at recovery.


Whether you are maintaining recovery or have had setbacks, our specialized addiction team of medical clinic, pharmacy and counselling will make sure that you receive the best in care to give you your best chance at maintained recovery.

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Aegis Health Group - Windsor Addiction Treatment Facility

Our Philosophy

Every patient living with a Substance-Use Disorder or any other addiction is unique and should be valued in their entirety and treated with equality. Harm reduction is an important first step in recovery. We use a combination of counselling and medical support that may include Medication-Assisted-Treatment as a tool.


AEGIS Health will be the industry standard in providing respectful, compassionate, and comprehensive harm reduction and supportive care to individuals struggling with any addictions We have an unparalleled team of highly-qualified and certified healthcare professionals, including clinicians, pharmacists, nurse practitioners and counsellors to aid in the recovery journey.

Aegis Medical - Windsor, Ontario