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Has Aegis Health Group helped you through your recovery journey?

If so, please share your story of inspiration with us. It is important for others to see so they can begin their journey, too!

Thanks for submitting!


Ashley R.

“The staff are a huge part of my experience at Aegis. It feels safe and secure. The pharmacy being on-site is a huge added bonus. The program and the staff have been very helpful in my recovery.”

Chantel M.

“It was such a great feeling to walk into a nice, safe, clean and welcoming environment. Such a difference from my memories of finding recovery in the past. Being treated as a whole person makes every difference in the world. To have the tools and support all in one place is genius and long overdue. The fact that it is a WALK IN means they meet you where you are at in your journey. Making finding yourself that much easier and so much less pressure. The positive vibe amongst the office and throughout the beautiful building is a breath of fresh air. What a gift this place is!”


Stephanie B.

"4 years ago I had hit a brick wall. I wanted off substances to be a better mom to my kids. Dr. Farago helped that happen. He helped me take that wall down brick by brick. He helped me to feel human because he treated me like one. I cannot thank him and the Aegis staff who have helped me in my journey enough. They are still some of my biggest supporters! If you are addicted to substances, this is the place to go!”

Charles S.

“I’m very thankful for all your help with my addiction, anxiety and depression. On the 19th [of June 2020] it will be 11 months clean and sober. Thank you so much, so many great things are happening for me now!”


Nick B.

“By far the best pharmacy I have ever attended. They treat you like family go out of their way to help and more so make you feel like a human instead of just a customer you get a real sense of security and privacy. Further more the clinic is also amazing been with Dr. Farago for a long long time and as long as you're honest you will always be treated fairly. Thank you from my family and have a great new year everyone!”

Katrina M.

“If it wasn't for these people I don't think I'd be alive to make it to 2021. As soon as you walk in you're welcomed by the best people and they always make sure to make you feel loved and supported. I especially developed a bond with one of the pharmacists. I remember coming on a Tuesday around Christmas time with a thing of flowers for her. you will also adore Dr.Farago! He is very understanding and also very encouraging. Best suboxone clinic ever! thank you everyone there, I owe you so much”



"Wow, that's really awesome of you and Rose to look into that for me. It really feels good knowing that I have such amazing support behind me and it really has begun to make a huge difference in my day-to-day life, even when it's smaller things like getting glasses.

So I really do truly appreciate all the work you do with me during our sessions, and all the extra time you put in behind the scenes. Not only could I not ask for anyone better to be helping me through all of the twists and turns of this almost "new" life that I'm embarking on. But even from the brief interaction, I saw today from a couple of your other patients (1 of which made a point of coming up to me and apologizing because he thought he might have offended me, which he didn't lol) but you can really see the joy and positivity that all of your patients exude as soon as your in their presence. I mean it really doesn't take a genius to see, as well as feel the massive impact you've made in everyone's lives that you've touched!

So again thank you and Rose so much, for doing all the extra work that you do for me on a regular basis it really does mean a lot, but it's also slowly making a VISIBLE impact, as I go through all this dental work, as well as getting some new lenses in my sexy frames so I can see again lol

So I will 100% follow through on that info you provided, and I actually WILL follow through, not only did your email help to point me in the right direction, but eBay also finally removed the hold on all of my money, so that was a MASSIVE weight taken off of my shoulders. So it really does seem like things are finally starting to fall into all the right places and I can truly look forward to a better and more visible future lol.”

Lizette K.

“The pharmacy and clinic staff at Aegis Health Group was especially supportive and welcoming. It was so nice to see smiling faces when I entered the building but the kindness that each team member showed to those receiving treatment was especially moving. Everyone at Aegis is treated with respect and dignity. If anyone I know needs treatment, I would not hesitate to send them to Aegis.”


Rose R.

“My internship at Aegis was simply amazing. You were a supervisor who was caring, compassionate and provided a safe space for clients and I received that same treatment as your student intern. I have grown exponentially as a professional because you display so many traits of an amazing counsellor. Sitting in on sessions I saw you create an atmosphere that was accepting, nonjudgmental and you met people where they were at. Your professionalism was remarkable. People who have the opportunity to be supported by you are lucky to have a counsellor who truly cares. The entire team at Aegis was awesome as they accepted me and supported me with whatever I needed. My internship experience was truly unforgettable as I have learned so much and have made some amazing connections.”

Tanya W.

I initially was referred to Aegis, by the Nurses Health Program. My return to work contract required me to have routine monitoring by an addictions physician, as well as attend a weekly caduceus support group. A support group for medical professionals. Dr Farago was able to fulfill this requirement, and Stacey, a social worker, had established and facilitates the caduceus support group.

I truly look forward to attending the group. I feel so comfortable sharing openely in this group now, from back to work concerns, to anything I would like support with that arises from week to week.

The staff oversees my weekly drug testing, as well as scheduling visits with Dr Farago. The staff is literally always respectful, kind, knowledgeable and efficient.  The team has treated me holistically, from monitoring and treating nutritional deficiencies, medication therapeutic ranges, questions regarding meditation management, counselling to assist with body image acceptance, assessing illness...

I've always felt that Dr Farago and NP's , listen and treat me respectfully. They have literally always been accessible when I needed them. I feel such atunement with Stacey. She has taken the time to steer me to so many resources to help me with my recovery. From peer support initiative, which entailed me writing essays, and being monetarily compensated by this government project, to weekly mindfulness workshop and yoga. Which was the first and difficult step to entering return to fitness for me. To informing me of The Phoenix, which is free crossfit trainer and gym sessions for people in recovery. Another big step to fitness. To participating in a free weekly peer support program. I feel safe, clean, welcomed and cared for at Aegis. Having my sobriety monitored by Aegis staff is an additional safety to me maintaining my sobriety and recovery, which I value immensely.  


I feel with the strong, caring, knowledgeable support of Stacey I've learned how to better express my feelings,  increased my self esteem and self worth considerably , learned to escape anxiety and be calm. She and the precepting social work students help me to feel valued. I appreciate this place so much as its allowed me to grow and become and stay healthy and happy.

This is really not a complete list of all the wonderful work all staff put into Aegis. I'd be writing volumes to cover it all. Thanks a million to alll of you, my beautiful children and I benefit endlessly as result of your care. 


Leslie M.

Since becoming a client at Aegis, I’ve been able to try to get my life back in order and try to be the happy, strong and independent person I used to be. I have received tremendous support from Dr. Farago and staff who are incredible and very knowledgeable and helpful. I am so very fortunate to be in such caring hands. Thanks to all.

Cassandra F.

Cass F.jpeg

I was incredibly nervous when I walked into Aegis for the first time. I had only ever been to one ORT clinic, and I thought it was as good as it got for people like me.

When I moved to Windsor three years into my recovery journey, finally independent again for the first time after several years and looking for a fresh start, my primary concern was no longer my drug use— but getting off the dope isn’t the hard part. I knew that without a good physician and a support network, that concern could rapidly and subtly creep back into my life.

The feeling of relief I had after meeting my compassionate, understanding and knowledgeable doctor can’t be described— but that’s the bare minimum here. They’ve given me an incredible counsellor who makes me feel valued, free support groups led by people I can relate to, and a sense of self-worth and purpose I desperately needed when I came here alone, afraid and unsure of myself.

I am not just another prescription here. I am an active part of my recovery and my community, and I cannot thank them enough for that.


Ashley R.

I am a patient of the Aegis Health Group,  I'm also a very grateful recovering addict. I walked into Dr.Farago's office a few years ago now (this was way back when he was still at Hunter Pharmacy) I was lost, broken, & my addiction had escalated to IV using. From the second I walked in I didn't feel like an "outcast" or "just a junkie" I was given hope that I could get and stay clean if I worked to get it. Now, I'm clean and have full custody of my kids back, but I'm a single mom and literally do not have the time to travel there and back to get to a lot of the recovery help Aegis offers so this Breaking Free Online option IS AMAZING I LOVE IT! I'M SO GRATEFUL FOR EVERYTHING THE AEGIS TEAM HAS DONE FOR ME AND MY RECOVERY! THANK YOU!

Lindsey R.

Prior to discovering Aegis, I felt alone in my struggle to overcome addiction, I had almost completely lost hope. I was referred by my family doctor, and though it took some time to gather the courage to show up, I am forever grateful that I did.


From the very first time I walked in, I felt a sense of warmth and welcoming that is often difficult for some to find when in active addiction or recovery. Every single staff member and volunteer that I have been in contact with has been nothing but friendly and supportive. The lack of stigma around the offices is refreshing, I find it encourages comfort and openness without the fear of judgment.


In addition, I love how well-rounded the Aegis Health Group is. I am able to do a quick walk-in to see Dr. Farago or the wonderful NP, pick up my prescriptions, and participate in that day’s program, all in the same building! In addition to outside counselling and support, Aegis has been one of the most prominent positive impacts on my recovery and I cannot thank everyone enough.

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